Paola Quagliata


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Jazzin’ Around Baroque is a project born in 2014 and it stems from the love that Paola Quagliata, classical and jazz singer, has for Baroque music and Jazz.

During her classical studies and her carrier as a soprano Paola has always nurtured much curiosity for jazz that has eventually developed into a deep passion and study.

Having had the opportunity to work with notable ed eclectic exponents of baroque music, she has recognized how similar, despite having developed in far distant times, Baroque and Jazz are. Some of the characteristics of both are: a freedom of expression and the possibility to improvise;  the presence of the “basso continuo” in Baroque, similar to the “walking bass” found in Jaz- some astonishing similarities in the harmonic choices; a certain “swing”, the typical mood of Jazz, which can somehow be found in much vocal and instrumental music of the baroque period.

Proposing her project to three extraordinary jazz musicians settled in NYC has been the almost natural consequence.


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